let them eat cake

25 Aug

the start of the academic year at a certain college in massachusetts is next week and the students are already here in full force. it is a low-level chaos  chaperoned by over-animated parents whose attitudes range from terror to hysterical happiness to overbearing mastery (don’t worry kids, we want to punch the more obnoxious of them in the face just as much as you do. or should).

for the most part, though, the kids could give a shit. there’s caution tape blocking off the walkways so cars can inch along to the various dorms in the yard. for those of us who have places to be or at least know where we are going, this is the day to learn patience.

on such an anarchic morning walk to work, who is there to save the day but little debbie in the form of two smiley young people passing out individually wrapped bits of chemical sweetness (and if you know me, then you know how genuinely psyched i am when faced with free sugary-crappy food).

after all, a cloud cake by any other name will still taste as sweet as a twinkie.


One Response to “let them eat cake”

  1. smartLeigh August 29, 2011 at 2:26 pm #

    Well, I do declare that I can tell what university you speak of— Harvard University to be exact. It’s okay. We can utter it’s name with out impending doom or a team of highly educated lawyers striking us down with Harry Potter wands. I can also lend credence to your sugary demise and crappy food fiendish ways. Is it possible that Twinkies are hoppin’ on the techie cloud bandwagon to get more of the “why” generation’s attention. Perhaps. Well, I mean, sure if it moves Twinkies, then, why not? And BTW, I just have to ask, where was my evil sugar fix oh office mate? WHY? WHY!? Oh yeah, right. I wouldn’t eat that shit. Well. Depends on the day. Maybe I would have. Cloud. Sounds light. Yummy. And maybe even good for you.

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