Prescription for a New Dawn

27 Mar

Glass Geodesic dome House with Green roof geodesic dome homes Biodome HomeFirst we stop doing the things they tell us to do. We stop buying the stuff they convince us we need, to look younger or prettier. We stop wearing makeup. Stop dyeing our hair. Stop going to work. Stop watching TV. Take back our Eutopia. Our good place. Believe in our goodness. Believe in the safety of our earth. Play in this world we built. Reduce the dichotomy. Everything is born perfect. Magnetism is why we are monogamous. One game of us. It is normal, natural, eternal. How does the world rid itself of the dark heart? Is love enough? It is if there’s ascension. Like-mindedness yet original expression. Like a tapestry of oil paints. A colorful and uniquely exciting expression of self. Open kindness. Ha! Spell check. Open mindedness. Kind minds. Philosophy-centered project learning. We are all creators. We awaken to the game we are playing. It’s transparent. We all know the rules. It’s an equal playing field. Let’s play.

The wires come down. Copper is recovered and reused (copper water pipes). Plastic tubing can be used for all new roads. Everywhere there is a paved road it will be smooth. You can choose if you prefer stone in the country. Telephone poles are repurposed for their wood. Paper goods, furniture. Signs come down and the metal repurposed. You can see signs or local information on GPS if needed. People don’t need signs telling not to do obvious things because we are enlightened and considerate.

Aha! So this is the story of Adam and Eve. Knowledge. Is it good or bad? Well, what is knowledge? Know you’re at the edge of a cliff. The ability to remember and thus learn, even if it’s not a healthy or positive thing. So then that means we became programmable. That means we would be slaves. Now led. How did eating the food infect the brain? And how could evil even be introduced into a closed system of kind creators?

Why did the dog/god/good let them in? Is the snake a symbol of the double helix? Duality. Interconnection. Our DNA? Infinity. Or of some sort of reptilian being? What is hidden in plain sight?

Or is it all just an ongoing story? Has it been thought control all these years? Are the Pleiadians good or are we their entertainment? Are they living in Utopia? No place. As pure joyous vibration? Are we their television? Are they the watchers? Are we now becoming more like them? Graduating, ascending toward a constant… a singularity? A sameness? The one. It’s good to feel purposeful.

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