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disaster preparedness, hipster spinster edition

29 Aug

don’t know if you’ve heard, but there was a spot of bad weather out here on the east coast over the weekend. i don’t have a television so i didn’t get the whole escalating weather report treatment, a small mercy and the major reason why i met the apparently apocalyptic threat of hurricane irene with relative calm. other than erratic rain jags and a window-rattling burst of wind or three, i spent sunday indoors reading, catching up on project runway and misfits (an awesome bbc show about a group of juvenile delinquents sentenced to community service when they gain superpowers through a freak storm. like you do.) and finishing up a little embroidery project.

i had begun this as an inexpensive gift for my friend beth’s b-day. although i had a whole hour before the party and then a few minutes on the bus (thus earning the title hipster spinster from my dear friend dave), i didn’t get much further than the gesture that day. beth wanted it to be a patch, so now that i’ve finished the image, i’m working on a blanket-stitched edging. i’m thinking once i finish the purple edge, i might go in with another color (pink? orange? blue?), in between the purple as a way to hide my massively uneven edging (hey, i can’t draw, cut, paint – and at certain times walk – in a straight line so i’m not gonna get too hung up on the fact that my sewing follows suit. acknowledge and adapt, i say).

i wanted to teach myself how to embroider after seeing some of the really awesome work a handful of artists have been turning out lately – great examples from the pricked: extreme embroidery show at the museum of arts and design in new york can be seen here. i’m definitely not up to that level but i’ve made a decent start, no?